A modern business needs high-quality logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, which contribute to sustainable development. This unit of “AMO GROUP” of Companies is a complete structure that enables private and corporate clients to choose a wide range of reliable, high-quality services. The mission of this unit of companies is to organize a complete chain of goods movement, ranging from to international freight forwarding from various countries to Armenia, from entry into the customs territory of Armenia to consignment, thereby providing strategic and tactical planning opportunity. Highly qualified professionals with years of professional experience enable this block of “AMO GROUP” companies to provide a full range of logistics, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services.

Having the capacity of a warehouse that has no similar in the region and meets the highest international standards, we specialize in meeting the needs of the region for the organization of consignment warehouses for different products.

We offer separate warehouses and distribution services for both non-storage and storage products, as well as for food, medicines and medical supplies, bio-based nutritional supplements, as well as perfumery, cosmetics, hygiene and other goods that require special conditions of distribution and storage. The premises are equipped with the appropriate equipment, including air conditioning systems, providing different thermal regimes. -30, -18 ° C, (+ 2 ° C – + 8 ° C), (+ 8 ° C – + 15 ° C), (+ 15 ° C – + 25 ° C). In these areas the “AMO GROUP” offers the following services:

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