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About us

“AMO GROUP” is a group of diversified scientific-industrial, trading and consulting companies, which operates in the leading sectors of the country’s economy, in the fields of science, industry, including agriculture, finance, consulting, services and trade, importing and exporting various commodities, unifying more than 10 companies. Since its foundation in 2014, “AMO GROUP”   has been steadily increasing its capacity and confidently moving along the path of development, reinforcing its position in the market while also opening new perspectives for its projects in other areas. Companies of the Group are active in various sectors of the Armenian economy and are committed to the dynamic development, growth and prosperity of the population in regions.

Business diversification, a management structure and system that has proven its stability over the years, a long-term targeted strategy based on its own scientific-industrial, financial-technical and high-quality specialized and managerial personnel resources: these are key drivers of the Group’s sustainability. “AMO GROUP” is a self-sufficient structure that can solve problems with various content and complexity on its own, develop technological solutions of different content and complexity, technological schemes and implement them in production. Own production capacity is a reliable basis for sustainable development of the “AMO GROUP”. Relying on its own potential, boundless faith and purposefulness, not stepping back in time, but taking a step ahead of the opportunities available: these are the key features that have helped the “AMO GROUP” of Companies since its foundation to develop in all diverse areas of its operation and to open new guidelines for a business.