A modern business needs high-quality marketing, branding, printing, photo and video shooting that promote sustainable development. This unit of “AMO GROUP” of Companies is a complete structure that enables private and corporate clients to choose a wide range of reliable, high-quality services. Highly qualified professionals with years of professional experience enable “AMO GROUP” to provide a full range of marketing, branding, printing, photo and video shooting services. The mission of these unit companies is to design and create the platform necessary for the promotion of our customers’ products and services, to ensure the development of their business. In these areas, “AMO GROUP” offers the following services:

  • Marketing consulting.
  • Marketing strategy development, market entry and expansion strategies taking into account / defining pricing and budget planning.
  • Market research, disadvantages and advantages revelation, competitive comparative analysis, risk comparison.
  • Research and evaluation of consumer satisfaction and attitudes, development and implementation of a service quality improvement plan.
  • Marketing audit.
  • Business plan creation.
  • Digital marketing services: SMM, SEO, CEM, etc.
  • SMM courses.
  • Rehearsal training of marketing department, training.
  • Professional training for marketers.
  • Development and implementation of trademark concept, brand.
  • Design development.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, development, planning and implementation of new campaign concepts.
  • Creating and shooting an advertisement script.
  • Any type of printing, including large format.
  • Professional photo and video shooting.
  • Editing of footage and videos.
  • Website building

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