Modern business, including the technology business, needs standardization, high-quality and objective expert advice, specialized knowledge that contributes to sustainable development. This unit of the “AMO GROUP” of Companies is a complete facility that provides day-to-day operations of all Group companies in a narrow professional environment, enabling our customers to choose from reliable and high-quality expert services, including special, replenishment of manufacturing and laboratory equipment and devices; their repair, validation and verification. In addition to the above, the mission of this unit of “AMO GROUP” is to provide expert professional support to other specialized subgroups of the Group in order to deliver the services at a high professional level.

Highly qualified professionals with years of professional experience enable “AMO GROUP” to provide a full range of expert services in a variety of fields, including speciality products in various research areas: laboratory, experimental, pre-clinical and clinical, marketing and post-marketing research, during the analysis of the research, methodologies of modules, and development of methods, state registration, customs processing, warehousing, preservation, distribution, marketing (food, medicines, cosmetics, medical gear, household chemistry products, disinfectants, etc.)

With its own research and production capabilities, a strong team of experts of “AMO GROUP” not only solves its own problems and provides expert services to its clients, but also develops and implements innovations and technologies in various fields and put them into action. Close cooperation with our foreign partners gives us the opportunity to involve experts from the European Union and the Eurasian Union, if necessary.

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