A modern business needs high-quality financial products and services, accounting, auditing, business analysis to promote sustainable development. This unit of the “AMO GROUP” of Companies is a complete structure that enables private and corporate clients to select expedient and reliable financial products, a wide range of accounting and auditing services, complete and objective business analysis. The mission of companies this unit is to ensure the reliability and predictability of our clients’ financial transactions, analyze the prospective developments of their financial position, corresponding with each specific situation, specific customer, based on the specifications of the business, develop and offer effective, optimal complex solutions.

“AMO GROUP” of companies has vast experience in working with investment projects in various fields. Having broad connections with various foreign investment companies and possessing the peculiarities of the business culture of our region, we are easily able to combine two worldviews – foreign and Armenian – for the benefit of promotion and implementation of business ideas. In what others do not succeed, we succeed because our foreign partners, investment companies trust us and we know how to work with them and succeed.

The professional experience gained over the years enables the “AMO GROUP” of Companies to carry out the full cycle of their business plan: from developing a project concept, if necessary form investor engagement, to project implementation and subsequent management.

Highly qualified professionals conduct business analysis and thereby reveal an objective picture of the business situation, contributing to the development of our clients’ business.

Finance loves accounting and thoughtful management. This is what this unit of the “AMO GROUP” of Companies has been providing for any business form it’s beginning of the formation and development by providing accounting and auditing services. In addition to the upper-mentioned, “AMO GROUP” offers the following services:

  • Complex business analysis from financial, accounting, management /if necessary also legal/ perspectives.
  • Accounting.
  • Financial reporting and submission to the State Revenue Committee, National Statistical Service of the RA, etc.
  • Planning, accounting and payment of taxes, duties and other mandatory payments.
  • Tax burden optimization.
  • Accounting policy development.
  • Accounting restoration, inspection, automation.
  • Participation in tax audits in the organization
  • Taxing advice provision.
  • Human Resource accounting.
  • Audit service provision.
  • Audit in the organization.
  • Training, rehearsal training of the chief accountant of the organization.
  • Courses, training and rehearsal training of accountants.
  • Training of professional accountants.
  • AP courses.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of financial and material resources utilization.
  • Estimation of financial results, a combination of results and costs.
  • Detection of unused reserves.
  • Development and implementation of the measures to improve performance indicators based on the results of the analysis.
  • Assessment of business processes and quality improvement, assessment of the business environment of the organization.
  • Management consulting and the development and introduction of a new management system if needed.

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